OneWay Backup RC1 is released

I released RC1 for OneWay Backup. This release includes huge changes, improvements and additions.

Full change log:

  • Added: A second method to copy files if first try fails
  • Added: A second method to delete files if first try fails
  • Added: An option to just compare last modified dates
  • Added: Logs are now csv files that can be opened with Excel etc
  • Added: Logs will be sent as attachments to emails
  • Added: Logs will be shown after backup is done
  • Added: Color codes to different types of log items
  • Added: An window to view older logs
  • Added: Logs will have ddmmyyyyhhnnss.csv file name format
  • Added: A button to send program to tray
  • Added: Sending test mail
  • Added: A new UI layout
  • Added: Program will remember its last position, size and state
  • Added: An about form
  • Improved: Performance regarding progress displays
  • Removed: Skin and related components and codes
  • Removed: General and error logs

Please visit github releases page to get portable packages for this RC.